...on my digital playground, where I run a few of my projects in a live environment
and otherwise showcase what I do on the internet.

Most of these projects are somehow media related and will deal with data processing in some way.
Mainly because media and how we consume it these days is one of my biggest interests.

Go on, take a look around. Maybe you'll find something of interest here.
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The typical purpose of most websites is to contain a blog. I blog only once in a while and usually music, TV Series or programming related when I feel like it. The main focus lies therefore on the other projects listed in the menu. But it never hurts to have a blog, does it?

Visit the blog here
This project started initially as a little weekend occupation. A form of a feasibility study, inspired by a comment in an anime related forum. The prototype worked so well, it ended up being more than just that ever since the Fall season 2012.

What it does
It collects the statistics of currently airing anime and displays graphs for it.
The result is an interesting impression on how anime get perceived over time. How the opinion changes while the story (not) progresses and so on.
It is possible to derive even more information just by looking at those graphs. As data source three different anime related websites are used: MyAnimeList (biggest western website), AniList and HummingBird.

4 years, ~55 anime per season, over 200 per year
These days Anime Stats attracts users from around the world and supports them in discussing and discovering anime while generating thousands of page views each month.

Visit Anime Stats here
Back when Google+ started, it was interesting to see where their API would go. I previously worked with the Youtube API in another project, a very extensive interface and I liked it. When Google+ was announced, I assumed it might end up getting a pretty great API to work with, too. Ah, well, the API didn't turn out like that as we now know.

However, Google+ Tryout is a simple public status reader and RSS feed for these.
Other things were planned of course, but the API was never really improved and extended, so was this project.

But it is particularly still available because:
The used PHP-API is the second version Google offered and compared to newer, similar websites with this function, it doesn't need you to login to your account and grant it some access just to see posts that are publicly available anyway...because there's no API for non-public posts. It's still working great, too!

Only the frontend was changed, from no framework to Bootstrap. Back in the day it was the first project where I used jQuery and mimicked the then-look and feel of Google+ basically 1:1. It might be a bit clunky around the edges these days.

Take a look here
The name is program. It's a list of media but a bit more than just that.
How often did you encounter a CD release date of a band you listen to but forgot it sooner or later again? Exactly!

MediaList is supposed to help you remind those. But it does offer some help for Books, Vinyls, Games as well.
You can enter these in a list, choose which entries are publicly displayed and which are private, or set all private/public, just as you wish.
It provides an RSS Feed reminding you of upcoming releases (within four weeks, one week, 24 hours or already released) and an image that you could use for forum signatures.

The prototype was from around 2005, somewhere at the time where jQuery began to get more and more hype.
The result was great for what it was and I was capable of back then. But ever since then it got reworked a couple of times until now, where it was ported to Bootstrap. The first project, where I used Bootstrap actually.

The functionality now greatly exceeds the old versions. Although it is made simpler in other aspects. It feels like MediaList is now basically what I always envisioned it to be.

Take a look at this demo list as example
Spelled "truck-ihh". Tracky was a simple (Windows) Desktop Client for the website trakt.tv.

trakt.tv had a fantastic, extensive API and pretty much every TV show (as they use tvdb.org), as well as other nice features. I started working on a Desktop Client, giving you the basic features like searching for shows, movies, rating episodes, shows or movies and displaying your calendar for what was airing today and the next two days.

While Tracky was pretty stable, it was still in a very early version. The APIv2 was published rather sudden, breaking APIv1 in most parts despite other promises and the development of Tracky is currently on hold indefinitely. The project is still up for legacy reasons and I'll plan to get back to it at some point.
For now you can still see some screenshots of Tracky and its features on the project page.

See what Tracky looked like
TalkReflect is an Android App I developed in a project with three colleagues when I was studying Computer Science. The purpose of the App is to exchange experiences with difficult cases in healthcare and the possibility to provide feedback to others.
My main task was the documentation of the code as well as the core mechanism of communication between the central server and the app, including sending and receiving data through a REST-API.

Since that App was supposed to be actually used, I got the opportunity to improve it beyond the project deadline and was able to add new features to it in the process. The app itself is now showcased on the Google playstore, although to really use it, you'd need a corresponding server.

See what TalkReflect looks like
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